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Shogen Ryu Karate-do

Shogen-Ryu Karate-Do is the creation of Taba Kensei, 10th dan and is the product of his years of training in Karate-Do under Masters such as Shoshin Nagamine, Hohan Soken and Chosin Chibana.  

Shogen-Ryu Karate uses of natural movements and the combination of the hips and low back when performing techniques to produce the greatest speed and power.

Building confidence and leadership skills

Students are obviously going to learn self-defense but we teach confidence.  Confidence is developed by tests when the student is ready not when the student wants. 

Leadership is taught by having students take an active role in training other students.  This means that a student is able to experience leading another in a controlled environment.

Cost of training

Classes are $100 per month and are due the first Tuesday of the month.  The payments should be placed in a small envelop.  

The only other cost is that Students are responsible for their own gi (Karate uniforms) and tests are included (until black belt)

About RH Gutierrez, MD

About Us

RH Gutierrez, MD is a college professor who has taught Clinical Anatomy at the Doctoral level.  He is the author of varioius book based on his knowledge of Clinical Anatomy and experience traveling and training.

RH Gutierrez with his instructors and Iha Sensei at a dinner

RH Gutierrez, MD's Karate instructors and lineage

RH Gutierrez, MD is a direct student of Kensei Taba a 10th dan of Matsubayashi Ryu.  In 2000, Taba Sensei formed his own karate named Shogen Ryu.  

RH Gutierrez, MD other Sensei include Tamaki Sensei (whose picture is in the book "Essence of Okinawan Karate-do) by Shoshin Nagamine.  Another instructor Gutierrez studies under is Tokashiki Sensei who runs a Shogen Ryu Dojo in Naha, Okinawa

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Shogen Ryu comes directly from Okinawa, the birth place of Karate.

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